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It all started with the shoes

One of the comments on the post introducing my daughter Scout,  from someone offering backhanded support,  included the following; “After he got way into Curious George, my child wanted me to treat him like a money and played money for MONTHS, but I didn’t buy him an organ grinder’s hat.” My first question was of course,…


Fifty Shades of Domestic Violence

I swore I was not going to see this movie. Then a friend asked if I wanted to join them for the preview. For free. In a reserved seat. I figured it would be a good chance to catch up with a friend I’d not seen in ages, get out of the house for a bit…


My Daughter, Scout

If you follow me on Facebook, you know that a couple of days ago, Monkey asked us to start using female pronouns. She is our daughter. Her name is Scout. This isn’t news to us. She started using that name a while back and has always liked girls clothing. The pronouns thing makes it a little…


How To Give A Better Spanking Then Christian Grey

Five years ago the hot spanking debate at the playground was do you, or don’t you, spank your kids. Now, with Fifty Shades of Grey, the discussion has moved to spanking in the bedroom. I for one, am very happy about this shift. In the bedroom, or where ever you play this out, sometimes a…

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My name is Mona Darling. I am a professional dominatrix and women’s sexual wellness coach. I write about sex positive, gender neutral parenting, sexual health, women’s empowerment and destroying the myth of the good girl- with a dash of humor. I strongly believe in fitness at any size and loving your body even if it doesn’t always look like what you want it to.  I love puns, all things retro and tiki, a good cocktail and hanging out with friends in my kitchen. And obviously chickens. My turn offs include bigots, racists and mansplainers.

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I am a woman's sexual wellness coach.
I help women build the life they deserve
by learning to ask for what they want without shame
and love who they are without reserve.