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During my struggles to have a baby after Scout, the infertility community supported me whole heartedly despite the fact that I have three older kids from when I was a fertile lost teen, and had already won the IVF baby lottery on my first IVF and didn’t really feel like I was a true infertile….


InnerTruth Panties by Chicken Eye Designs (A Giveaway)

I don’t remember how I stumbled across this Etsy shop. It’s very possible I was searching for something chicken related, but it could have been panty related. Either way, I’m pretty sure there was wine involved because drinking wine and shopping on Etsy is my evening activity of choice lately – if I actually manage…


How To Turn Any Room Into A Dungeon

One of the benefits of being a sex worker is being able to travel to pretty much anywhere in the world and have at least a portion of your trip paid for by seeing clients in your hotel room.  As soon as I went back to work full-time, I started gathering a suitcase full of odds and…

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My name is Mona Darling. I am a professional dominatrix and women’s sexual wellness coach. I write about sex positive, gender neutral parenting, sexual health, women’s empowerment and destroying the myth of the good girl- with a dash of humor. I strongly believe in fitness at any size and loving your body even if it doesn’t always look like what you want it to.  I love puns, all things retro and tiki, a good cocktail and hanging out with friends in my kitchen. And obviously chickens. My turn offs include bigots, racists and mansplainers.

Most importantly, I am starting a revolution. Join me!

Viva Your Revolution!

I am a Good Vibrations Ambassador and always here to answer your sexual health and sex toys questions!

I am a woman's sexual wellness coach.
I help women build the life they deserve
by learning to ask for what they want without shame
and love who they are without reserve.