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I’m Back! Did Anyone Really Miss Me?

While there are many places for sex workers, Pro Dommes, Pro Subs, Escorts, etc, to advertise their services, the most common is Eros Guide. As soon as I had my site updated, I knew that would be the place where I could reach many of my previous clients. My listing went live several days ago….

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 10.05.08 AM

First Client Back

I’m not sure who’s more nervous. Me, in the dungeon, trying to get my stockings on straight, or my client waiting at the coffee shop down the street. This used to be so second nature, I would run in the door, 15 minutes before my session, straightening my lipstick and my hair in random dungeon…


Going to Party, Like its My Birthday!

Last night I went to bed with damp hair so this morning I woke up looking like a member of Spinal Tap. This was not how I planned on entering my 46th year.  When I was a kid I was pretty sure this was going to be me at 46. I’m the one in red. 46…


Mayor of Crazy Town

Getting back in the swing of things over the last two weeks has been, in a word, exhilarating. I’m so happy making money. I’m so happy seeing clients who I’ve not seen in years, and catching up with them. And maybe most importantly, I’m really thrilled with all the amazing fodder for writing I’ve gathered…

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My name is Mona Darling. I am a professional dominatrix and women’s sexual wellness coach. I write about sex positive, gender neutral parenting, sexual health, women’s empowerment and destroying the myth of the good girl- with a dash of humor. I strongly believe in fitness at any size and loving your body even if it doesn’t always look like what you want it to.  I love puns, all things retro and tiki, a good cocktail and hanging out with friends in my kitchen. And obviously chickens. My turn offs include bigots, racists and mansplainers.

Most importantly, I am starting a revolution. Join me!

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I am a woman's sexual wellness coach.
I help women build the life they deserve
by learning to ask for what they want without shame
and love who they are without reserve.