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The Biggest Lie

Good Vibrations sent me several products to add to my traveling dungeon. I’ve linked to several of them here. I just told the biggest lie of my life. Ok. Maybe not as big as that time I told my ex that yeah, I come every time we have sex, but it was pretty damn big. I…


What is is with “polite society’s” obsession with genitals?

I have a fairly thick skin. I’ve never done things the easy way. I often feel like I’ve been swimming up stream my entire life. I didn’t do school the way I was supposed to. I didn’t do marriage the way I was expected to. I didn’t have babies when I was supposed to. Two…


Voice Of The Year! In a good way!

So. I won… an award? Like. A real award. Not a made up one to try to sell me something. The kind that comes with a champagne reception! I’ve given them a 48 hour cooling off period, but still. My name is up there as an honoree. Every year at BlogHer, I watch with a colorful mixture of…


The one where I accicidently filled my shoes with my own pee

I met a long time client at a hotel. I’m going to dress him in panties, a vibrating butt-plug and a cock ring before heading out to Victoria’s Secret to pick out some new panties for him. When we get back, we are going to do some strap-on play and give him a golden shower. I try…

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My name is Mona Darling. I am a professional dominatrix and women’s sexual wellness coach. I write about sex positive, gender neutral parenting, sexual health, women’s empowerment and destroying the myth of the good girl- with a dash of humor. I strongly believe in fitness at any size and loving your body even if it doesn’t always look like what you want it to.  I love puns, all things retro and tiki, a good cocktail and hanging out with friends in my kitchen. And obviously chickens. My turn offs include bigots, racists and mansplainers.

I am a Good Vibrations Ambassador and always here to answer your sexual wellness and sex toys questions!

Ask for what you want without shame.
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