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Walk Of Shame

We all know, and many of us have enjoyed, a walk of shame. Bed-head. Dress that has obviously spend the night on the floor in some stranger’s bedroom. Eye make up smeared into a fabulous smokey eye that we could never achieved on purpose. One eye anyway. The other looks like I slept with my finger in it….


Pioneer Nation 2015

I just spent several days at The Resort at The Mountain at the base of Mount Hood with a hundred and fifty of my new best friends learning about running a business for myself in the new, non-conformist, non-40(70) hour a week world that technology, social media, and a variety of other changes in the global…

Aforementioned Evil Chicken

Smart Like A Chicken

And just to make sure you never ever know what to expect when you land on my blog. A picture of my chicken. You’re welcome. Generally, I think chickens are adorable, but not entirely bright. Dumb as a box of rocks has been tossed out there. I have watched them run from a plane. I…


Scout and About

I’m on a layover in Dallas on my way to NYC to speak at BlogHer15 about raising a transgender child. It’s been about six months since Scout made the announcement that she would like to be our daughter, and three months since BlogHer asked me to speak speak about it as part of their “LGBTQ…

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My name is Mona Darling. I am a professional dominatrix and women’s sexual wellness coach. I write about sex positive, gender neutral parenting, sexual health, women’s empowerment and destroying the myth of the good girl- with a dash of humor. I strongly believe in fitness at any size and loving your body even if it doesn’t always look like what you want it to.  I love puns, all things retro and tiki, a good cocktail and hanging out with friends in my kitchen. And obviously chickens. My turn offs include bigots, racists and mansplainers.

I am a Good Vibrations Ambassador and always here to answer your sexual wellness and sex toys questions!

Ask for what you want without shame.
Love who you are without reserve.