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Mona Darling
Booze + Shoes = HEART!

Booze + Shoes = HEART!

One of the great things about BlogHer is that you never know who your going to meet… Or where. While standing in line for ladies room bitching to a friend about how while I would love to write a book, I just can’t see dealing with modern publishing and just couldn’t see it happening and blah blah blah…this dark haired little cutie behind me in line piped up “Really? Why?” as she popped a Hot Mamalah sticker on my chest.

Another awesome thing about BlogHer? Hot ladies walking up and putting stickers on your boobs.

Turns out her name is Lisa, and she had just published her second book Hot Mamalah, the ultimate guide for every woman of the tribe. We spent a lot of time in line for the bathroom over the next couple of days as our bladders were perfectly synced. Some day when she is super famous and being interviewed by Jon Stewart, (which I’m fairly certain is in about four minutes. Her last book was #1 on Amazon ColorMeJealousSlashImpressed) I’ll tell about the trip that involved the men’s room, and a visit from the hotel nurse.

I still feel bad about that one.

Hot Mamalah!

Hot Mamalah!

A couple of weeks ago she sent me an advance copy of her book (I’m special that way, people) and I have to say, it’s freakin adorable. The cover is pink and sparkly (my two favorite colors) and the inside is full of wit, sisterly advise and recipes, many involving booze and/or chocolate.

What is not to love? It’s perfect to read when you just need to sneak off to the bathroom for a few minutes to renew your Girly Power Sparkle Battery (preferably in a nice warm bubble bath, but sometimes just a locked (closed?) door between you and chaos is enough.) I’m sure it would be even wittier to be if I were Jewish, instead of only step-Jewish, but it’s still damn funny.

Now go order your own copy!

Lisa did provide this book for me to review, but I wouldn’t have wasted my precious alone on the Internet time telling you all about it if I didn’t really love it. So there.

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