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Rockstar Or Pirate?I ran into one of the shops in Legoland to check out sunglasses for Monkey. I was looking at some cute kitten ones when the mother across to me loudly announced to her maybe 10 year old son, “I’m not buying you pink sunglasses. I’m not being seen in public with my son in pink sunglasses!” Her son didn’t back down and asked repeatedly while his mother continued to spew her opinion that Boys Don’t Wear Pink.

I searched my shocked brain for witty comebacks or words of support for her son, and coming up blank, scampered from store feeling like I’d just witnessed some sort of child abuse.

I’ve always been one to stick up for women in peril. Partners getting abusive in public? I’ll jump right into that shit. I know I probably shouldn’t and frankly, sometimes the partner in question is wayy bigger then me. But after surviving an abusive relationship, I just can’t help it. It just happens before my brain can process what is going on. Call it instinct.

But when do you jump in to a kids defense? Physical violence, of course. But what about times like this? Personally, I think it’s sort of ridiculous to refuse to buy a kid sunglasses, or anything else, simply because of their color.

Kids are going to grow up to like what and who they like. Shaming them for it only leads to emotional damage. Your kid could grow up to be gay, a cross dresser, or, god forbid, love reggae.  It’s our jobs, as parents, to stand by their side and offer support as they go through the confusing times that lay ahead in figuring out what that all means.

Especially the love of reggae. That can be a tough one.

Can you really look at that lovely face, a beautiful combination of your own, and someones who you once shared enough affection to have sex with, and say that you wouldn’t love them if they told you they were gay? Or that they liked to wear cloths of the opposite sex? Or, what ever crazy thing you think that wearing pink sunglasses is going to lead to?

Then why shame them in the middle of Legoland for asking?

(As evidenced above, I’m fine with Monkey wearing pink sun glasses.)

Happy Birthday Monkey
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  1. quietrambling
    March 3, 2014 at 9:38 pm

    Boo on that lady, though not sure what I would have done. Although based on what I know of my boyz the younger one (9) would probably say something like “you know pink is a person colour” which he has done in the past to family members.