I am a life coach specializing in empowerment through adventure. I love to help women build the life they deserve by learning to ask for what they want without shame and love who they are without reserve. I believe that every woman is capable of being sexy and self confident no matter their size. I believe that every woman is capable of creating a future she loves, no matter what her past holds. I believe that being strong is way more important then what the scale says. I believe in women supporting each other and respecting and embracing differences. I believe most, if not all of this can be accomplished through adventure.

And finally, I believe in the healing power of the f-bomb.

Prior to becoming a coach, I was a professional dominatrix. I worked with men, women and couples for over twenty years helping them find their submissive side and explore their kinks. Over that time I found myself drawn towards helping those new to kink discover that hidden side of themselves. My favorite clients were always women, both those who were born female, as well as those who transitioned to female. As an adventure-focused coach, I help these women step out of their comfort zone to embrace a more exciting life. In particular, I love helping mid-life mom’s rediscover their adventurous streak lost to career and family obligations.

I was always a rebel growing up. No matter how hard I tried to conform, I failed. I did things my own way even when I knew I was going to get myself in trouble. Even when huge neon signs pointed to the perfectly simple, well lite route to vanilla success, I veered off into the brambles. For a long time I would enjoy my dalliance for a while before kicking myself for not taking the easy, expected route. But then I realized. I was enjoying my life.

I started writing an About Me page, and it turned into a bit of an epic, so I’ve split the rest into two short chapters;

From Misfit to Mistress: In which I talk about how foolish decisions took me to fabulous places. It’s how I got there.

From Mistress to Mommy Blogger: In which I talk about battling infertility and moving to the ‘burbs. It’s how I got here.