A Brief Timeline

A Brief Timeline

To the best of my recollection;

1983 Master the art of sneaking out bedroom windows in the middle of the night
1984 Meet abusive baby daddy while living on the street as a run away. He is significantly older than me. One might say, old enough to know better. He apparently, did not. Neither, unfortunately, did I.
June 9, 1985 Batman born
June 13, 1987 Farmboy born
April 15, 1989 Motoboy born
1990 FINALLY turn 21! To celebrate I get an Abortion and a  Tubal Ligation
June 20, 1990 finally wised up and left abusive sperm donor
January 1995 Started at the spanking factory. Wait. I mean begin my prestigious career as a Dominatrix.
April 1998 met DaddyO

Traveled, celebrated, explored both myself, and the world (These are probably the actual years I should have spent having babies. Oopsie.)

March 2008 married DaddyO
June 2008 first IVF BFP!
March 2009 Ninja Monkey born!
April 2010 second IVF BFP!
June 2010 miscarriage at 12 weeks 🙁
October 2010 First FET. Only one 6 day Embryo. BFN.
December 2010 LAST IVF attempt. 4(!!) 3 day embryos. B.F.N. The End.

Returning to traveling, celebrating, exploring both myself, and the world – with my best friend/husband and our toddler in tow.

February 2011 STOP THE PRESSES! We may do one more
July 2011 Presses stopped. But still? Big Fucking Negative.

September 2011 FET! BFP!
October 2011 Annnddd… another miscarriage.

January 2012 FET.
Early February 2012 Final BFN.

Late February 2012  Become Grandmother.

Spend most of March 2012 wondering why Jerry Springer hasn’t called.

September 2012 Became a Grandmother again.