This is a short  list of places around the internets that you can share your skills and make money.

TrekHQ, Skillshare, and Udemy: Are on-line class sites.  Great for bloggers who want to offer any type of instruction.

Fiverr: Great to hire people to work on your site – or offer your help if you have a skill you can offer.

Self Publishing on Amazon: It doesn’t have to be a novel. It doesn’t have to be a big deal. Have an idea for a book – just do it.

Patreon: Great for artists and writers who would like a little support, but don’t want to charge directly for their work. It works like a tip jar – and you can reward the good tippers with special pieces.

Etsy: While we ALL know you can buy physical stuff there, Etsy has an increasingly large download presence.

Selling photos: There are tons of places to sell photos. I uploaded a couple years ago, and while I never have enough to cash out, it’s nice to occasionally need to buy a photo or graphic and find out I have credit!


These are people who I feel have done a great job turning their blog into careers.

Chris Guillebeau A writer that turned his blog into a weeklong un-convention that is attended by people from all over the world. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t make any money on the gathering – The World Domination Summit, but it has helped create a very devoted fanbase that will buy any of his books. He also runs a gathering called Pioneer Nation which was one of the most amazing business conferences I’ve ever been to. I invite you all to email him and request he do another one.

Danielle LaPorte Wrote a self help book about finding your core desired feelings and having them guide your life.  She then licensed the format to people like me who want to help others find their passion. The desire map helped me so much that I signed up to be a facilitator and plan on offering workshops in the very near future.

Tara Gentile Uses her blog to promote herself as an expert business coach for creatives and gets amazing speaking jobs – among other things. Has several free classes on her site that are stellar.

Yoga with Adrienne Free blog advertising her free awesome yoga videos on youtube. Oh yeah, and there are some downloads you can pay for, and she just hosted a retreat. But mostly… free awesome yoga that earns her YouTube revenue.

Jonathan Fields Founder of The Good Life Project gives his readers permission to live an epic life. He promotes himself as an expert at becoming known, and creating revolutions and gets some pretty amazing speaking gigs as a result.

Vanessa Van Edwards – Science of People Blog about human interactions that promotes Vanessa as an expert. As an expert she gets speaking engagements and teaches classes. Which are, btw, awesome.

Lori Allen – Great Escape Publishing Lori started as a travel photographer and turned her business into am empire because she listened to what her readers wanted and gave it to them.  She’s also a genius at marketing her content in different ways.

And I wanted to throw out a link to Epiphora (NSFW – sex toy review site) as an example of how to give bad reviews. She’s known for giving bad, totally honest reviews, yet toy companies can’t wait to send their toys to her.