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Adventure Czar

I’ve been studying the coloration between adventure and  happiness. Turns out – adventure releases dopamine, which is your brains way of saying “Way to go! Good job!” What adventure should you be on? What’s holding you back?

Desire Map Facilitator

Discovering my Core Desired Feelings and giving myself permission to chase them changed my life, and I’m sure they can help you change yours as well. The world becomes your playground when you stop chasing goals and start chasing feelings.

Debauchery Advocate

Responsible adult debauchery. It’s a thing. Travel, Sex, Self Care. Debauchery means different things to different people and we tend to deny ourselves or put them off to a more appropriate time. When you lose that baby weight. When you have the house in order. When your child is a little older. I believe that NOW is the time for debauchery.