Facebook is not into fighting sexual shame

Facebook. They Are Not Sexual Avengers. They Are Sorta Jerks.

Facebook has decided that I can’t use their “boost post” service to advertise that I’m give away my SELF HELP book, because it is violates their terms of service. This is a book about how women’s sexuality is effected by the abuse or shame that they experienced growing up. This is a book that aims to…

Renting. Not Selling.

I’m now taking submissions for my second anthology tentatively titled, Renting. Not Selling. Sex workers only make the news when they are caught killing a pimp, abusing their kids or dying from a drug over dose. The ones, and they are many, that simply chose to rent their bodies or perform a service in the sexual arena as…

Glitter. It's a book. A Real Book!

Ladies! We Have A Book!

Holy Crap. I came home from a very long day in the dungeon in which I couldn’t stop thinking about my Glitter todo list and, for some reason, Monkey’s fun little throat closing allergic reaction (and the resulting morning in the ER) to our neighbors dog last weekend while pretending to be a sexy bitch….


Fifty Shades of Glitter update

I’m am so impressed with the collection of stories that you have submitted!! (Heh. She said submit.) While the deadline was last week, I am still collecting stories while I edit and organize. If you were thinking about giving me something it’s not too late! I have a great selection of stories from gay, straight,…