What is the Darling Propaganda elevator pitch?

Darling Propaganda is a sex positive, ladycentric community designed to bridge the gap between sites were we talk about sex, and all the other sites where we talk about all the other things. It’s meant to be a community site and present a united front for all sex positive sites no matter their niche, even if it’s not sex. It is a place where we can share traffic, ideas, promotions etc in an attempt to normalize talking about sex.

How private are the groups?

There are three levels of privacy.

    • Open and public to all.
    • Private. These are groups you must be request membership of, and be accepted, before you can see the content.
    • Hidden. These are groups you won’t know exist until someone invites you.Hopefully these three settings will be easy for people to understand and cover all of their needs.

I don’t like what he/she said to me.

Respect their opinion and move on. They may not like what you said either. HOWEVER. If someone is being inflammatory, spewing hate speech, or just plain being a jerk, let me know and I can restrain them. I’m working on a way for users to ignore and demote users, but it’s not working correctly yet. Soon though!

How do I create my own group?

Click the Create A Group button on the main groups page. Follow the directions. Be sure to have your group icon ready to upload!

Is there a limit to the types of topics I can create a group to talk about?

Yes. No beastiality, pedophilia (NOT to be confused with age play) or hate speech. Other then that, you have free reign. Promote your blog, your hobby or your favorite sexual position.

What if I want to create a group to promote myself and talk to my own fans and readers?

Do it! We can even create a personal badge for you to award your users when they join your group. You can enter your RSS in your groups settings so when you post to your blog, your groups activity stream as well as the main Darling Propaganda activity streams are updated.

I take offense easily. Is this a good place for me?

No. Probably not.

You guys talk about sex and booze a lot.

Yes. Yes we do.