Darling Propaganda is a Ladycentric space for the less the ladylike. We are women who like to speak our minds, and sometimes, what is on our mind is sex. We are among the elite few that understand that we can be a good mom, a successful business women, a studious student, and a minx in the bedroom.

We like to explore. We like to learn. We like to share.

This is a sex positive space for people to talk about their hobbies, passions, interests including all aspects of their sexuality.

Membership is quick and easy. You can sign in with your existing Facebook, Twitter or Google account, of if you like, create a whole new persona.

Once you join the community, you can join groups that seem of interest to you, participate in the conversations going on, or create your own group catering to your own interests. Groups have three simple privacy settings.

  1. Public: Anyone can see it. Anyone who is a member of the Darling Propaganda community can join and participate.
  2. Private: You can see the group, but must apply for membership and be accepted in order to read or comment.
  3. Hidden: Secret groups that only the members know about. They can invited the members they wish to join them, creating the ultimate in private communication.

You are welcome to create a group for any topic you like. It doesn’t need to be about sex or anything sexual. Bloggers are more then welcome to create groups for their readers.