You have some questions?

You have some questions?

How do you know who your baby daddy is?

Well. We don’t REALLY know. We assume, because we did IVF, that they went ahead and used my husbands sperm, but who knows. Maybe those Dr’s were having a cheeky day and decided to use there own.

Do you have sex with your clients?

No. I don’t have traditional sex with my clients. I don’t even do sessions naked. The client or submissive is naked, they often have an orgasm, and sometimes I may penetrate them with a strap-on. But there is no, traditional man on woman sex.

Where do you live?

Above ground.

Do your kids know what you do?

I’m assuming you  mean the older kids. The two year old is a little unclear as to what HE is doing. The older ones, yes. They know.

I will continue to add to this list as needed.