You got those out to titillate me? Or feed me?

You got those out to titillate me? Or feed me?

Demystifying the Sex Worker Mommy

Not all sex workers are misguided college girls. A shocking number are just women who have decided they would like to capitalize on their sexuality, make their own schedules and create their own lives. They are college graduates and business owners, wives and girlfriends, hippies and techies, music lovers and avid book readers, they are world travelers and home-bodies.

They are moms.

Despite what TV crime dramas would have you believe, children of sex workers are not sitting on the couch eating cereal out of the box and watching copious amounts of TV and wondering who their daddy is, while their mama has dates in the dirty bedroom behind them. They are at the zoo. They are at the park. They are at school … possibly with your kids.

My first interview was of Madison Young, the infamous Feminist Porn Star & Director – Sex Educator.

Mistress J. Dominatrix, and mother to a five year old.

While Grace is primarily a Dominatrix, she has also modeled, and done street level work. Her beautiful son, three, is was conceived when Grace was raped on the job.

I plan on interviewing sex worker moms from all aspects of sex work. If you would like to be interviewed drop me a note via my contact page.