The Other Women

The Other Women

My Dirty Talk series got me thinking about the woman who read my blog. They all have a sexual background, but in different ways. Sometimes the same things shape us, rape, abuse etc, but we react differently. We become over sexualized or a-sexual, submissive or dominant.

We worry about what our lovers would think if they knew what we were really thinking about during sex. Or if they knew what we were really watching play out in our brains while we masturbate.  We worry about the PTA and the neighbors and the kids finding out. We let the teachings of our church or our parents rule what we think we should find sexually pleasing, even when it doesn’t please us at all.

We wonder if something is wrong with us. We feel guilty about our interests and desires.

And we shouldn’t.

I want to use my space here on the internets to learn about The Other Women. What shapes you as a sexual being? What sexual secrets do you feel guilty about? Have you worked passed them? What moment from your past defined you as a sexual being? Do you feel that you have a lot of sexual hang ups? Are you OK with that? Do you want to get passed them? Have you ever had to get passed a sexual roadblock to please a partner. Did you? Or did it end the relationship? Have you ever sought out sex counseling. Did it help?

I would love to share your stories. Contact me if you would like to be a guest blogger and share your story. I’m looking for tales from every walk of life, from every side and every angle. There is no normal. There are no expectations.We all have a story to share and, trust me, none of them are boring. And yes, we can credit it to your porn name.

I want to create a safe place for all of us to share and to feel OK with not feeling normal.

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