If you don't create your reality, your reality will create you.Hourly sessions are available with you have a specific problem you want to talk through. The rate for that is $150 per hour. However, most of my clients are looking for changes in the way they live their lives. These types of changes take time, so I prefer to work with people for a minimum of three months.

Everything Is Awesome!

  • Weekly 45 minute video chats or phone calls
  • Email wrap-up of our conversation
  • Unlimited 10 minute check in phone calls
  • Unlimited email contact
  • $650 per month

Where’s My Pants?

  • Three 45 minute video chats or phone calls
  • Weekly emails check ins
  • Unlimited 10 minute check in phone calls
  • $450 per month

Look! A Rainbow!

  • two 45 minute video chats or phone calls
  • weekly email check ins
  • $250 per month

For people who want to really commit to meaningful change, I offer the Technicolor Package. It is a six month package that is very effective for making long term change. The first two months we will talk weekly. The second month we will talk three times a month, the third we will drop our phone conversations down to twice a month. The entire time you will have unlimited access to me via email as well as unlimited (within reason) access via phone for quick check-ins (5-10 minutes) to make sure you are staying on your ROADMAP to success! The cost for this is $2400 payable in three monthly payments of $800 a month.

The question isn’t what does coaching cost, but instead, what is not having a coach costing you.

Do you have the time to figure this out on your own? Coaching is a vital part of self care. Modern life is hectic and self care gets pushed aside all too often, yet, self care will increase your productivity and satisfaction in all parts of your life immensely.