Viva Your Revolution!

Viva Your Revolution!

I have spend my entire adult career asking questions. As a professional dominatrix, people came to me to live out fantasies and explore parts of themselves that they couldn’t put into words. My job was to ask the right questions to help clients find their own, very individual answers. I have the same goal as a life coach. To ask powerful questions and help you find your own, very individual answers.

My mission is to help women rediscover their sparkle and vivacity.

I work with women who have been so busy taking care of others, dealing with a personal crisis, working their way up the corporate ladder, that they have lost touch with the vivacious woman they used to be. I help them rediscover self-care, self-love and empower them to ask for what they want and need in life.

Many of my clients are at a place in their life where they are happy with their family, happy with their job, happy with their home, but… something is missing. 

As your ally, I look forward to helping you find ways to turn your life into the extraordinary life you deserve to live.

I’m not someone who has lived an easy life and will tell you an over-simplistic solution like “You need to relax! Go get a massage!” I work for long term, real change. That sort of change takes time, real dedication and constant action.

I’m not offering a quick fix. I’m offering to help you find a real, lasting fix.

If you think I might be a good match for you, contact me and we can set up a free 30 minute conversation to see how I can help you.