Hi! I'm Mona Darling!

Yes! My name is Mona Darling!

I offer empowerment coaching for women. After spending twenty years as a professional dominatrix, I would like to share what I have learned about sexuality and human nature and help women develop skills to craft the life they want to live. While often this coaching involves the coachee figuring out their sexual desires, I also help women figure out what is important and how to obtain it in other parts of their life as well. Contact me to set up a phone call or google hangout so we can see if my style of coaching and motivation will work for you.

Feel free to email me DarlingPropaganda@gmail.com, or if you would rather, use this form to send anonymous love letters, hate mail and curious missives. Anything hateful posted via this form is fodder for blog posts so, make it good.