I have lived a full life.

By the time I was 30, I had survived on the street as a runaway with a bit of a drug problem, stopped drugs, got married, had three children, left an abusive marriage, started and graduated college with honors despite not having finished the 8th grade, and launched a successful business as a Professional Dominatrix.

My 30’s were filled with travel to exotic places, meeting fascinating people as well as seeing and experiencing things I’d only read about.

The year I turned 40 I married my best friend and partner of 10 years and had another baby, my 4th, with the help of IVF. Our first round. The next two years were spent desperately trying  to repeat that first cycles success, but was unfortunately met with failures and miscarriages. I reached the point where if someone, anyone from a good friend to the cashier at the grocery store asked me how I was, I would burst into tears.  After some encouragement from my husband, I realized this was no way to live, and talked to my Doctor about antidepressants. A finely tuned mix of Prozac and Wellbutrin, as well as a newly acquired interest in exercise helped me recover.

I’ve been there. I survived. So will you.

These experiences give me special insight into how infertility, grief and parenting can destroy your sex life.

I understand what depression is like.

I have done things I regret, and learned to let go and move on.

I’ve hit rock bottom and know what it takes to pull yourself out of it.

I’ve also know the courage it takes to make life choices that are not those that are expected of you.

I’ve dealt with examining my own sexuality and discovering it isn’t what I’d been brought up to understand was ‘right’ and figured out that, no one is normal. That we are all trying to achieve normal but it doesn’t exist. I’ve helped hundreds of people explore their sexual selves, so when I say I know that normal doesn’t exist, I know what I’m talking about.

And I know that it’s more then just getting passed these things. It’s about rediscovering the person you lost in the midst of them.

I would love the honor of helping guide and encourage you.