I was a globe trotting dominatrix for over two decades and always loved working with nervous newbies. I excel at putting people at ease so they can open up and talk about the fantasies they’ve always kept to themselves. If Fifty Shades of Grey stirred something in you, let me help you understand and enjoy it!

I offer one on one mentoring (video or audio) so we can connect from anywhere in the world.  I work with women, just like you, who are curious about kink, and don’t know where to begin.

Kinky Sex Tips For Curious Girls is a series of on-line classes intended to help women understand themselves and their interests as they take a journey of kinky self discovery with other like-minded women over 6-12 weeks. The next round of classes will start in Fall 17 when I finish the accompanying text book!

On Monday afternoons 6-8pm PST, tune into O.School Live where I host a shame free kinky conversation, complete with demo’s, safety tips and fun stories.

Pre-order my new book! Color pages, word finds, puzzles and lots of solid information about bringing kink into your life.

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