Portland Dominatrix and BDSM Coach

Portland Dominatrix and BDSM Educator
Portland Dominatrix and BDSM Educator- Natasha Strange

I’m combining my professional domination site, as well as my coaching site, into one site to rule them all. Please visit www.NatashaStrange.com.

Hello My pet! I am a professional dominatrix and BDSM educator located in Portland Oregon. I started working as a dominatrix in 1994 when I was in college in the Bay Area, but soon realized, I would rather spank tech boys, then work with them. I firmly believe that all people come to kink and BDSM searching for an emotion or feeling – be it the endorphin high from receiving a long flogging, whipping, or spanking, to the feeling of being desired one feels when they are dressed in silky panties and treated like a cock sucking whore.

I’m well known for my love of sissification and often have submissives come to Portland from around the country to spend a full day dressed and serving me. I have taught classes on the joys of sissification and gender play to other FemDoms and as well as curious submissives. Last year I published sissy sandra’s blog to kindle so you can read the true and very twisted story of our relationship.

I also love all the more traditional BDSM games, especially corporal punishment, sensation play, and bondage. I have one of the largest collections of electric toys in Portland and have a bit of a thing for any place where tech and kink can join together.

In addition to being a professional dominatrix and offering sessions that involve power exchange, I also love to teach people about kink and BDSM and offer coaching or mentoring to those are who are looking to bring kink into their lives. I co-founded Sub Rosa, Portland’s premiere fetish space and dungeon as a place to not only indulge in my own kinks and offer professional sessions, but to create community and a safe space where people can learn about kink and BDSM.

Having played in kink for over 25 years professionally, there are few activities that I don’t occasionally indulge in. However: scat, children or animals, non-consensual play, nudity or intimate body worship, and traditional sex are hard limits.

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