It is with a heavy heart that I am announcing the closure of my on-site community. Relocation really. Back to facebook.

The maintenance of this portion of my site is just too much work for too little return. I left Facebook because I wanted to give women a private place to chat, but I don’t exactly know how to get everyone to remember to log in over here. Except the Russian bots. The Russian bots are trying to log in ALL THE TIME.

Perhaps in the future, when I can afford to pay someone to maintain this community, I’ll revisit the idea. Right now, I’m streamlining so I can concentrate on producing better and more useful, not to mention fun content. Like my weekly O.School chat “Kinky Conversations With Mistress Mona!”

See you on Facebook! The group is closed. People can see the members, but not the posts. The name of the group is Darling Propaganda and the description is simply “Friends of Mona Darling” so as to keep it fairly discreet. See you there!


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