About Mona Darling

Prior to becoming a coach, I was a professional dominatrix. I worked with men, women and couples for over twenty years helping them flesh out their submissive side, learn the safe way to dominate their partner and explore their kinks. I also saw more then my fair share of awesome crazy things involving adult size diapers, human dog walks in the park, white wine enemas, mohair sweater mummification, urethral jalapenos, full size mascot uniforms, Clockwork Orange-esque bondage, santa on his day off and more then once, watermelon.  Over that time I found myself drawn towards helping those new to kink explore that secret side of themselves. Anything that was especially weird delighted me no end.

I was always a rebel growing up. No matter how hard I tried to conform, I failed. I did things my own way even when I knew I was going to get myself in trouble. Even when huge neon signs pointed to the perfectly simple, well lite route to vanilla success, I veered off into the brambles. I would enjoy my dalliance for a while before doubting myself for not taking the easy, expected route. But then I realized, that aside from the guilt of not doing what was expected, I enjoyed my life. I met interesting people, did fascinating things and I traveled to exotic places on my own time and under my own direction.

As I settled into married with child life, those adventures started to slip away. It wasn’t as easy to take off for a quick trip to London or Vegas, or jump in the car and road trip down the coast. Late nights out went from stumbling in drunk at 4am to slogging the snack filled backpack home exhausted at 9pm. Losing those outlets slowing crushed me.  I adore my family, but I wanted more. I missed the adventure – so I have spent the last several years finding ways to provide a stable loving home for my family – while still indulging in Responsible Hedonism. I’ve watched women around me, and talked to strangers. I’ve studied happiness and adventure. I’ve read and experienced and explored. I’ve learned how to work adventure into my days with my child and husband, as well as by myself. And most importantly, I’ve learned how to let go of the guilt of not doing what I’m expected to do. It’s a work in progress and I look forward to sharing my knowledge with you!

Just Because, Here’s A Random List of Random Things I’ve Been and Done:

  • Teen mom (x3)
  • Abuse survivor
  • Former cult member
  • Back up dancer
  • Guinness Book Of World Records Title Holder
  • Crocheter
  • WordPress Fanatic
  • Professional Papier-mâché-er
  • Italian Momma Level Feeder
  • Board Game Nerd
  • Apartment Manager
  • Browncoat
  • Gluten Free Vegetable Loving Meat Eater
  • Avon Lady
  • Tupperware lady
  • Amateur Five Star Chef
  • Professional photographer
  • Travel Hacker
  • Hatchimal Doula