Achievement Unlocked. First Class at Sub Rosa Taught!

Mona Darling Teaching Kink for the Curious at #SubRosaPDX
Mona Darling Teaching Kink for the Curious at #SubRosaPDX

Last night was the night. First class at Sub Rosa.

10 months of planning.

234,235 prospective spaces examined.

142,683 road blocks bashed.

2 months of building, cleaning, painting, arranging, cleaning again, driving out into the middle of the wilderness to purchase Just The Right Rug from a stranger on craigslist.

12 brave students to come to our first class.

One amazing business partner in Miss Viola Parker.

I am so thankful to finally be here. I was nervous and spoke to fast. I had SO much I wanted to say. I let the class run late and I forgot to take a pee break in the middle – which is totally NOT like me, but apparently I was too nervous to remember that I generally have to pee every 14 minutes. But despite that, people seemed to have fun and ask great questions.

I know it’s just the beginning. We have so many classes and events in mind and several on the calendar already. Next up:

If there is a class, topic, event, or educator that you would like to see come to Sub Rosa, please let us know!

1 thought on “Achievement Unlocked. First Class at Sub Rosa Taught!”

  1. Ms. Mona,

    I just wanted to stop by the blog to offer congratulations on a successful debut of the Sub Rosa. The pics I have seen here and elsewhere look terrific. I love the aesthetic that You and Ms. Viola have put together.

    That Come Correct class looks like a must-attend, btw. If only I lived closer. : )

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