Community Photo Day at Sub Rosa

What’s the word for it when you are excited, but terrified, so you put it off until it’s too late? Anyway, I’m not going to do that. I am excited! I miss shooting pin-up more then I realized until I started talking about doing it again and pulling out my lights and gear. But I’m also a bit terrified! What if no one liiiiikes me? What if I’ve forgotten how to put models at ease – something which I was really really good at. And, in my mind, the most important thing about getting a great shot. So, excited. Terrified. Not putting it off, I’m hosting a Community Photo Day at Sub Rosa this weekend. Spots are donation based and …

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Dark Pin-Up Photography

Ruby Vixen

One of my business goals this year is to start offering photography and coaching combo sessions at Sub Rosa. I used to own a pin-up photo studio ages ago, and miss that creative outlet. I think that being able to talk about your body issues and your kink interests, while working with a camera can be incredibly powerful and fulfilling. Think – actively working on creating your dominant or submissive persona and leaving with physical (or perhaps digital) proof of that persona as a powerful personal growth tool. I would love feedback from the women here. What do you think? Is it something you would be interested in? What would your expectations be? Is this something you would want to …

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Kink For The Curious Class

An in person class for those who don’t know where to start, but who crave a little adventure. Kink for the Curious is where you come to get the answers to all the questions you were too afraid to ask – taught in an approachable manner with wit and style, puns and humor.

Sub Rosa Update! It’s nearly ready!

Sub Rosa In Progress

In the last month, Sub Rosa has gone from an empty loft space, to a saw dust covered, paint fume filled den of iniquity. It’s obviously got a ways to go, but I feel like we are in the hight of the mess, and now it’s about painting what we have built and organizing it into it’s delightfully devious nooks and crannies. Soon things will start slipping into their rightful places, a bondage corner, a medical exam nook, a cross-dressing area, an adult baby nursery. Soon after that, we will start offering classes, photography and coaching, among several other fun activities. I know I’ve talked on social media about all of this, but thought perhaps now would be a good …

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Sexual Adventure Bucket List!

Sexual Adventure Bucket List

What is on your sexual adventure bucket list? What is holding you back? Is it nerves? Or is it really other obligations? Are you waiting to lose some weight, or be in better shape, or for your life to be in a better/different/more organized space? Do you really need those things before you move forward? Or are they just excuses?

#KinkWithMona Recap: Distance Play

Curious about upping your sexting game and including a little kink? Are you curious as to how to stay safe, while sending your most intimate thoughts, and maybe a few belfies to strangers?

Kink And Shame

What would you be doing right now if shame wasn’t holding you back?