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I’m done worrying about how my body makes you feel

I posted this on Facebook, and feel like it needs to be shared here as well. Feel free to take what you need from this to share as you like, but please credit me. During the last year or so, I’ve had a hard time feeling like what I do matters. Why talk about embracing your kinks when the world is on fire. But something in me broke through that this week. Women are shamed for our bodies, how our bodies function, what our bodies look like and how our bodies make other people feel. Our bodies are out for other people to judge, comment on or touch and our feelings are disregarded, brushed aside and laughed at. We fight …

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Obligatory Election Rant and My Four Year Plan

I had high hopes for this past election. I know that He Who Shall Not Be Named spoke to many poor Americans with his empty promises of a government shakeup and creating jobs. But I had thought that we, as a country, would not choose the incredibly racist/homophobic/xenophobic path he represented. But we did. I spent the first several days numb. Completely in shock. Staring at the unopened champagne in the fridge like a traitor. I paused my new ‘Dear Ms Mona Darling’ series and other posts, as it doesn’t feel right talking about kinky sex, when so many people’s physical safety is on the line. Kinky sex just seems so far down Maslow’s hierarchy of needs from where we …

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