Community Photo Day at Sub Rosa

What’s the word for it when you are excited, but terrified, so you put it off until it’s too late? Anyway, I’m not going to do that. I am excited! I miss shooting pin-up more then I realized until I started talking about doing it again and pulling out my lights and gear. But I’m also a bit terrified! What if no one liiiiikes me? What if I’ve forgotten how to put models at ease – something which I was really really good at. And, in my mind, the most important thing about getting a great shot. So, excited. Terrified. Not putting it off, I’m hosting a Community Photo Day at Sub Rosa this weekend. Spots are donation based and …

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Dark Pin-Up Photography

Ruby Vixen

One of my business goals this year is to start offering photography and coaching combo sessions at Sub Rosa. I used to own a pin-up photo studio ages ago, and miss that creative outlet. I think that being able to talk about your body issues and your kink interests, while working with a camera can be incredibly powerful and fulfilling. Think – actively working on creating your dominant or submissive persona and leaving with physical (or perhaps digital) proof of that persona as a powerful personal growth tool. I would love feedback from the women here. What do you think? Is it something you would be interested in? What would your expectations be? Is this something you would want to …

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Over The Knee Spanking and Emotional Impact

On December 12th I will be teaching an over the knee spanking class at Sub Rosa. In my over 20 years as a professional dominatrix I have found that while spanking is one of my most common requests, the emotional needs behind spanking vary greatly from person to person. I’ll be talking about how to physically give a great spanking, but also how to dive deeper and meet those emotional needs as well. For example, does the spankee wish to feel loved, threatened or coorced? Are you spanking them because they are your play thing, and you can do what you like with them? Or are you doing it because they have been naughty and it’s for their own good. …

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Come Correct: How to Approach, Serve & Dazzle Dominant Femmes

Come Correct

Why is it some subs seem to get all the play, and you are sitting there watching and trying to figure out how to find a dominant femme to torment and tease you? Next week my lovely business partner, Viola Parker will be answering that question and I will be assisting. We will be looking at the inboxes of ourselves, as well as other dominant women so you can see what your competition is saying – and helping you figure out an introduction that will get a domme interested in playing with you. We will be discussing the emotional labor dominant women perform, and how you can hold up your end of that conversation so her interactions with you leave her …

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Kink For The Curious Class

An in person class for those who don’t know where to start, but who crave a little adventure. Kink for the Curious is where you come to get the answers to all the questions you were too afraid to ask – taught in an approachable manner with wit and style, puns and humor.

Get Out The Vote Giveaway!

Go Vote! Help this country crawl out from the hole in which we find ourselves and possibly win an amazing butt plug!

I’m done worrying about how my body makes you feel

I posted this on Facebook, and feel like it needs to be shared here as well. Feel free to take what you need from this to share as you like, but please credit me. During the last year or so, I’ve had a hard time feeling like what I do matters. Why talk about embracing your kinks when the world is on fire. But something in me broke through that this week. Women are shamed for our bodies, how our bodies function, what our bodies look like and how our bodies make other people feel. Our bodies are out for other people to judge, comment on or touch and our feelings are disregarded, brushed aside and laughed at. We fight …

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