BDSM Mentoring

Adventure Coach- Mona Darling

During my years as a professional dominatrix, I loved working with novices. I loved helping them flesh out long time fantasies, indulge in activities they only dreamed of, and learn about themselves and their sexual desires. Most of my clients were men.

But why should men have all the fun!

Now I work with women doing the exact same thing. Exploring. Indulging. Learning about themselves.

Women spend a good part of their lives being shamed for their desires. For being too sexy, or not sexy enough. And sometimes, just not the right kind of sexy. We have our bodies, our outfits and our choices examined and critiqued.

Women have expectations put on them from an early age. We’ve a list of should and should not’s before we are able to comprehend the differences between ourselves and our male peers.

We spend so much time trying to be what we are expected to be, that when we really think about it, we aren’t sure who we really are, or what our true proclivities might be.

I love working with women to get passed expectation, judgement and shame to find their true interests. My goal is always to help you learn more about yourself, and then put that knowledge to use while confidently stepping out of your comfort zone. Because sexual shame leaks into all parts of your life and once you are more confident sexually, you will be more confident in all aspects of your life.

If any of this is striking a cord with you, email me and we can set up a free 15 minute consultation!