Community Photo Day at Sub Rosa

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Darling Propaganda Photography

What’s the word for it when you are excited, but terrified, so you put it off until it’s too late?

Anyway, I’m not going to do that. I am excited! I miss shooting pin-up more then I realized until I started talking about doing it again and pulling out my lights and gear. But I’m also a bit terrified! What if no one liiiiikes me? What if I’ve forgotten how to put models at ease – something which I was really really good at. And, in my mind, the most important thing about getting a great shot.

So, excited. Terrified. Not putting it off, I’m hosting a Community Photo Day at Sub Rosa this weekend. Spots are donation based and get you 20 minutes with me, and two photos that are lightly photoshopped. More photos, more time, more photoshop needed? Just let me know.

This is a group shoot – meaning other people will be there watching and encouraging you while they wait for their spot, so if you want to more privacy, let me know and we can arrange a private shoot. And yes – Sub Rosa is available for photo and video shoots with your own photographer. Curious about that? Email Sub Rosa!

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