Sometimes the words just flow. You don’t even have to think about it – like when you are on the phone with a friend. Other times, like when you are in bed with a lover, getting any words out longer then yes, yes, omg, yes, seems pretty much impossible. Wether it’s because you are shy, don’t know what to say, or afraid of saying the wrong thing, following a simple three step program will help you loosen up your lips, as well as other body parts.

First. Which body part would you like to discuss?

Second. How does said body part feel?

Third. An action, or a part of your partners body.

Then string them together in a sentence. Silly. Yes. Simply. Yes. Effective? Yes indeed.

My (Body Part) (Feels This Way) about (Verb/Noun).

My ass loves the way you spank it.
My ass loves the way you fuck it.
My ass loves the way you stretch it.
My nipples crave your attention.
My nipples crave your torment.
My mouth can’t wait to taste you.
My tongue is anxious to worship your cock.
My pussy needs your fist/tongue/dick/fingers.

It can feel very repetitive at first. Once you get used to vocalizing during scene you can branch out, or return to ones that your partner seemed to enjoy most.

It’s like the mad libs you did stuck in the back of the car as a kid on the way to grandmas, but oh so much more fun.

These, and other fun topics are being discussed right now in my facebook group! Would you like to join us?


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