From Mistress to Mommy Blogger

Thank you mommy, may I have another?
Thank you mommy, may I have another?

Being an Internationally Renowned Woman of Intrigue was all well and good, but pretty soon I realized my clothes were clean and I was sleeping nights, and that just had to change. It was time to have a baby.

Unfortunately, while married to an abusive ass clown when I was Too Young To Know Better, I had a tubal ligation.

At this point? I’m also old. Secondary infertility squared.

Queue IVF. And a baby! Then, more IVF. And more Big Fucking Fat Negatives. And  losses. And heartbreak. It’s hard to describe how losing a baby, when you already have a baby at home can be so heartbreaking. You look at the baby you have, the baby you love with all your heart, and realize you almost had another like that, but it died before you could hold it in your arms. You wonder how similar they would have been. You wonder how different they would have been.

It took a while, and a lot of self examination, a couple grandkids (no, not kidding) and I finally was able to slowly, cautiously, move forward with my life. Desire Mapping was a big part of what helped me move forward. It helped me find other things in my life that made me feel complete and fulfilled.

As a mom, I traded in my clients for a toddler, my whip for a hand mixer, a dungeon for a kitchen and my vinyl catsuit for a pair of food stained yoga pants. I kept a few key tools of the trade to use with a number of favorite clients. Once my little one started school, I, as many stay at home moms do, went back to work as a dominatrix.

I became the Dominatrix Mommy Blogger.

I also started working as a life coach. General. Sex positive. Occasionally as a business coach for women in the adult industry. But as I explore myself as a coach, I find the women I really want to help are the other moms. The ones, who like myself, sometimes miss that sense of pre-child adventure. The ones who were a bit of a terror in school and miss the feeling of adrenaline that comes from misbehaving and hunting adventure. The ones who were not satisfied to watch the concert from the stands, but found their way back stage. The ones who occasionally found better things to do on a Friday afternoon then attend chemistry.

I want to work with women who are curious about kink and BDSM, but don’t know where to start. Or perhaps they have started, but had a bad experience.  I want to help them discover their true desires. Their true kinks. I see this exploration as a lifestyle change. It’s not just learning a new way to get off, but a way to communicate. A way to negotiate. A way to look someone in the eye, in any aspect of their life, and ask for what they really want. No shame. No fear.

Ok. Maybe a little bit of fear. But it’s the good fear!