How To Be A Dominant Goddess

How To Be A Dominant Goddess

My class is starting soooooon! It’s just the beta, but I want to run a group of women through it to test it. I’ve been working on this class for so long. I’ve changed the focus, from how-to for orgasm control and tease and denial, to more of a transformative course in which I help women unleash their inner dominatrix.

Trying not to use that pun in pubic, but just so’s you know, it’s in my brain ALL THE TIME.

My dream is to send an army of dominant women into the world to spank the patriarchy, one ass at a time.

Please help me live that dream.

This class will start by arming you with the most important tool a dominant woman can have. Information. Armed with information about how to negotiate a safe, sane, and consensual scene with your play partner(s), we will move into more titillating lessons like,

  • how to tease your partner into a frenzy
  • how to leave them begging for more, even after giving them more then they thought they could take
  • and of course, all kinds of kinky hints and suggestions based on my years in the dungeon

The beta will start April 30th and run for 6 weeks. It will not be a cleaned up professionally shot class but will contain all of the information I currently have planned to release in the final class.In fact, you will probably get MORE information then will be in the final class. You will have the same access as in the final course – weekly videos, as well as a weekly live video chat in which you can ask me anything you like. Such as, are you wearing pants? Although I can almost always promise the answer to that will be no.

As a member of the beta,

  • you will be invited to take the official class when I release it this summer
  • you will help me understand what information is vital and what is over-kill. I’ve been warned against overwhelming students with information but I feel like there is SO MUCH I WANT TO SHARE!
  • you will provide feedback which will help me achieve my dream and help thousands (I hope!!) of women around the world take charge of their kinky interests! You will help change the world!
  • you will have my undying, everlasting love
  • you will pay a greatly reduced rate <- what’s not a love about that??

You can learn more about the course on a previous post.

Registration is open now through April 30th.

Join us… I know you want to!


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