What would you be doing right now if shame wasn’t holding you back?

OK. Maybe not riding a tricycle around in your swim shorts, but maybe! And if you do, please send photos! And video!

Seriously though. Society, our upbringing and pop culture dictate way too much of what we do and enjoy. Thankfully for Fifty Shades of Grey (first time that sentence has EVER been seen in print without the sarcasm font) we are talking about kink more then ever!

That doesn’t mean it’s easy though. I talk to a lot of people who feel like it’s ok to be kinky, but it’s not ok for THEM to be kinky. They are parents, and business people, on the PTA, respected in the community. They know they shouldn’t feel like that. But they still do.

And what if you kink is something you feel like you can’t talk to your partner about?

Or what if your kink isn’t in the Fifty Spectrum, and still feels very taboo?

Tonight on O.school I’ll be talking about kink and shame, and how we can get past those feelings. And yes, I say we. Because we all have those feelings. Even me. I’ll also be talking about how to create a safe space to talk about and explore those feelings.

Join me. 6pm – 8pm PST. Free to log in and watch. Nothing to download or sign into. If you want to join the chat (and I want you to join the chat, please oh please!) you just need to give your email or phone number. Chat is moderated in order to create a space space for all.


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