Kink For The Curious Class

Viola Parker and I started planning in January, and finally, in November, I will host my first class in Sub Rosa. What a long strange trip it’s been. I learned how to refinish furniture. Totally not something that came to mind when I was sitting with our lawyer laying out our official business plan.

And it wasn’t even dungeon furniture!

My first class will be loosely based on the first couple chapters of my book, Kinky Sex Tips for Curious Girls. This is a class for those who don’t know where to start, but who crave a little adventure – and despite the name of the book, this particular class will be open to all genders. Kink for the Curious is where you come to get the answers to all the questions you were too afraid to ask – taught in an approachable manner with wit and style, puns and humor.

Also? It’s taught in a beautiful fully-equipped private dungeon.

During this class I will answer questions to the most common questions I get as a kink coach: What exactly is kink? What is BDSM? How are they different? Why would someone want to bring kink and BDSM into their life? What if I don’t like pain? How can kink and BDSM make me a better communicator? How can kink and BDSM depend my relationships? How can I find other people who share my interest? And most importantly in the #MeToo era – what is the relationship between BDSM and women’s empowerment? Does that still apply if I’m a submissive woman? We will also go over the different archetypes in kink and BDSM so you can start figuring our your own style – and appreciating other peoples interests even though you might not be into what they are into. Kink and BDSM is all about respecting other people’s desires, even if you don’t “get” them.

We will end the class with a tour of the more commonly used equipment in Sub Rosa.

This class will cover a LOT of information, but will not go deeply into any one topic. If there is a topic you would like to see taught in more detail, let me know!

Want to join us? Get your ticket on Eventbrite.

Want to see more pictures of Sub Rosa? There are a couple sneak peeks on the Sub Rosa facebook page!

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