Sometime between 40 and 45 you wake up and find that you are invisible.

You walk down the street and some guy hollers… at the 20-something behind you. You are angry at them, but you aren’t sure if it’s because they are hassling the 20-something, or because they aren’t hassling you. After all, you have spent your 30’s learning to ignore the cat callers. They you realize that maybe it wasn’t so much that you learned to ignore them, but you were too busy to notice that they had already begun to move on to the younger women.

Not that you want to be cat-called. It’s just suddenly realizing that you are invisible. At first it’s a little scary. As women, whether we want to or not, our physical appearance and our very femaleness changes how we interact with the world and hitting the age of invisibility leaves us a little uncertain on how to move forward.

We are middle age moms.

We have hit the doughy years.

Not old enough to have young men give up their seats to us on the bus, too old to for unwanted attention.

This is when we are expected to pack it in. Roll it back. Age gracefully. Disappear. We have taken care of our kids and they are older and independent. They may need us, but it’s usually for our cash or our taxi services and we have fallen into the habit of tending to others and not to ourselves.

But the great thing about being invisible is, you are now free to be yourself.

Being yourself is more then just physical. It’s getting to know your true desires, not the desires you have because you are trying to make your parents/husband/kids happy.

What makes you happy? Even better, what makes you happy that doesn’t involve making others happy?

Being yourself is wearing the unicorn leggings you worry that you are too old for but love anyway. It’s learning something you’ve always wanted to know but had too many other things on your mind. Or maybe you thought it was frivolous. It’s going someplace you’ve always wanted to go, but had too many practical obligations that didn’t include wandering.

Are you still living for others? When will you start living for yourself? What will that look like? Where will you go? What will you learn?

What adventures await the invisible you?

Featuring art from Ladypreneur Sierra Peralta!

Sierra Peralta is a mixed media artist living and working in Washington, D.C. Recently parted from a full-time career in the software industry, she created Art for Ice Cream to pursue her passion for creative arts, and to inspire others to hone their creative voices and playful passions as well.

nature-inspired artist
Instagram: @artforicecream

I love to feature ladypreneur’s from around the web. Contact me if you are interested!


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