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THE SEX ED WE ALL SHOULD HAVE HAD, a new platform which offers judgement free, easily accessible sex education from an impressive array of sex educators launched last week.  I’m so incredible proud of being part of this group.

There are live chats every evening which different topics, from different viewpoints. Check out their upcoming schedule.

No log-in information needed.

No download or software to install.

Just go the link, start the stream, watch, learn, enjoy.

If you would like to ask the educator questions, and we encourage you to do so!! You can easily join the chat with just your phone number or email address.

If you like what you are hearing, you are encouraged to tip the educator, or Pleasure Professional if you will. Your tips are what will enable to continue offering this service. is a no harassment zone for people—especially women and gender-diverse folks—to learn about sex and pleasure online.

My first stream was Monday night. I talked about using kink and positive self-talk to overcome body shame. It was a very hard topic for me. Theoretically, I know that I should love my body, but I have struggles, just like we all do. I was slut shamed in middle school because I developed breasts early. I have always been ashamed of my acne scars. I struggle with accepting my mommy belly. I have a hard time seeing the soft aging woman in the mirror.

But I also have had to get past all that, to present clients with the amazing goddess they have paid to adore. In my stream I talked about ‘Fake It Until You Make It’ – basically, presenting the amazing goddess, having the clients tell me I’m an amazing goddess, and eventually realizing, ok. Maybe I am an amazing goddess. We also talked about when it was not appropriate to ‘Fake It Until You Make It.’ Like when you are trying to be something you are not.

Next Thursday (November 16th 6pm PST) I’ll be on talking about the good, and the bad sides of Fifty Shades of Grey. Curious? Stop by and say hello! Feel free to ask me questions!  There are no silly questions. Only silly reasons for not asking.

If you can’t make the stream, but have a question, email me or ask me on twitter.



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