Bunny Man

What the weirdest or craziest thing I’ve ever done as a professional dominatrix? It’s always hard to narrow down to just one thing. I mean, what might be crazy to one person, is the norm for someone else, right?

Or more likely, where the dungeon is concerned, what is crazy good fun to one person, completely grosses out someone else.

Case in point; anal fisting.

But generally what comes to mind is some kind of humiliation, partly, because unlike anal fisting, it seems to be more socially acceptable to tell stories about ordering some guy to wear lip gloss while shopping for dildos, than to talk about the time a girlfriend and I tried to fit as many fingers as possible into someone’s anus.

And you know I always aim to be as socially acceptable as possible.

Humiliation is also hilarious, and I love to laugh.

A lot of my favorite humiliation games have been in public. Sometimes it’s as simple as going out for dinner with a submissive in panties (under their dress slacks of course!), hooked up to remote control electrics, so I can zap their balls every time the wait staff come to check on us. It’s hilarious to watch my plaything try to retain composure and ask for dinner recommendations while I’m turning up the wattage.

Or driving around with a submissive in the backseat sucking on a dick shaped pacifier. Rolling down the window at stop lights and honking to draw attention.

Or dropping a submissive off on a busy street corner, cross dressed, complete with bright red lips, a mini skirt and HUGE faux breasts, and telling them I’ll be back in a bit. Maybe.

Often, these actions go completely unnoticed to those around us. A submissive on the other hand, used to working hard to hide their proclivities, is hyper-aware of any sign that might out them.

Should I grab a pair of pink panties out of my purse and tossing them on the ground, a client will feel like the entire world is watching as they race to retrieve them before anyone notices. In reality, most people are so tuned into their phones in public, that they rarely notice anything. And if they do, they would assume I dropped a sweater or other innocent item.

Pubic play and public humiliation can be a fun addition to a couples play time should the both be up for it. It’s a sort of truth or dare game for adults. A couple things to remember.

  • Always have a safe word. Just because the play isn’t physical, doesn’t mean you don’t need one!
  • Always make sure kids aren’t around. While adults may be preoccupied with their phones and their own lives, children are not only the ones you least want to notice, but the ones most likely to notice.
  • Don’t include stranger without their express consent. As fun as it sounds to ask the pretty lady in the mall what she thinks of your pantied plaything, and watch your pantied plaything blush violently, including the innocents is never ok.
  • Use common sense. The only time a client was arrested, they decided to go above and beyond and decided to complete their task nude. In a busy area, on a weekend, in a semi secluded spot. A+ for effort, but a giant FAIL for ending up in The Pokey.

PROTIP: There are no spots secluded enough to be naked, in a busy area, on a weekend.

For the most part, people are so into their own thing, that even if they do register the weirdness coming from your direction, they tend to chalk it up to something other then kink because their minds don’t connect the dots without context.

No. I didn’t orchestrate this photo. Had I, the bunny man would have been deep throating that carrot. Great stock photo though. I wonder if his Mistress put him up to it.

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  1. mark 9 months ago

    Love Your methods! Very creative and effective. Thank You for sharing.

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