I’m creating an on-line orgasm control class for women. Sorry boys! While there are so many kink and BDSM classes out there, I rarely see a good one on orgasm control – which is a staple of many professional mistresses. Orgasm control can include chastity, stroke schedules, tease and denial, all aimed at controlling and intensifying your partners orgasm in some way. Yes. Even chastity intensifies orgasm… when they finally earn it.

Orgasm control can be fun and playful, a great way for couples to bond sexually when one travels a lot, or intense and full of mind fuck – also a perfect way for couples to bond sexually when one travels a lot. What ever your style or kink level, orgasm control is great fun in the bedroom!

If you are interested in the class, could you fill out this quick survey so I can make sure I’m including the information you want to know! Thank you in advance!


  1. Submissive Infertile Guy 11 months ago

    Question: Are the women who reach out to you for this doing so because their partner has expressed a desire for it and they want to please their partner or is it because the woman has a strong interest in the kink?

    I could be wrong but I get the feeling that it’s the former and that the male in the relationship brings up the kink. Or could it be that women have a desire for the kink and society pressures of what a woman should be in a relationship repress the desire that many women actually have.

  2. Author
    Mona Darling 11 months ago

    The women who are interested seem to be interested in it for themselves. They enjoy indulging in the sexual power it offers. Some of course were introduced by partners, but I think light edging and orgasm control games can be considered kink lite. It doesn’t have to be. 🙂

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