Over The Knee Spanking and Emotional Impact

My Kinky Classroom
My Kinky Classroom

On December 12th I will be teaching an over the knee spanking class at Sub Rosa. In my over 20 years as a professional dominatrix I have found that while spanking is one of my most common requests, the emotional needs behind spanking vary greatly from person to person. I’ll be talking about how to physically give a great spanking, but also how to dive deeper and meet those emotional needs as well.

For example, does the spankee wish to feel loved, threatened or coorced? Are you spanking them because they are your play thing, and you can do what you like with them? Or are you doing it because they have been naughty and it’s for their own good. Or maybe it’s simply a way to get a closer look at their bottom and delight in the way it bounces.

Some people delight in the torment of wait. Standing with their nose in the corner, knowing what’s coming. Hearing their misdeeds read out loud to them in great detail. Others just enjoy the spanking. Hard. Fast. Physical. Perhaps held down while they struggle. Or perhaps it’s just a sensual game. Part of a warm up to something more sexually intimate, after all it’s easy to go from spanking, to butt massage, to exploring genitals, penetrating them with fingers and toys to… ?

As part of my class, I’ll be giving a demo spanking which will cover start with direction on how to give a proper physical spanking, but quickly move into different emotional games.

Would you like to join us? Get more information and tickets on Eventbrite.

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