#KinkWithMona Recap: Prostate Play!

Prostate Play!
Prostate Play!

These O.school recaps are provided by Castaway. Castaway is a trivia dork, dabbler in erotica writing, & all around bon vivant. Oh, and he’s also My blog bitch and aspiring service slut. Originally posted in the #KinkWithMona fetlife group.

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Hello everyone – castaway has returned to share some highlights of the latest episode of #KinkWithMona, which streams every Monday at 6PM PST/ 9PM EST @ o.School.

Before we begin here is a list of the chatters: CCG, Chu, Eva, Kontrol Freak, Meky, & castaway

Ms. Mona was able to peel away from some weekend houseguests just in time to continue the Summer School cirriculum of #KinkWithMona. The topic this time around was prostate play.

Ms. Mona kicked off the discussion going into some of the variables of the dynamic between the partners when it comes to playing with a prostate. Some of these include:

  • Is there a F/m element to the play?
  • Is this being protrayed as “pleasure” or “punishment”?
  • Humiliation? (yes please)

Mona also discussed the types of sensations that can be employed during this play (taps, rubs, and of course, penetration). And with safety never being too far from her mind, she emphasized the importance of using toys with a flared base. (Bonus points to the redditor in that thread who authored the line “Rectum? It killed him!”)

Mona also delved into the various instruments that can be used to tease that prostate. In addition to fingers and tongue, she mentioned:

  • Buttplugs
  • Aneros
  • We-Vibe
  • the gargantuan dildo that Ms. Mona showed off during the stream (wide open segue for Mona to post a pic of the formidable instrument here)

For our Song of the Week, we have an all-time classic. I suddenly have a notion to get this bass-line synced up w/ my Hush.

Oh, and I have a new promo for our PDX area residents – Ms. Mona is going to be teaching a Genital Massage class on Friday, July 20th. Open to anyone who is looking to refine their hand-job game.

One other reminder – Ms. Mona published a book earlier this year – Kinky Sex Tips for Curious Girls (affiliate link).

The next episode of #KinkWithMona will air Monday night @ 9PM EST on July 16th. The topic will be Impact Play. Hope to see everyone in the o.School chatroom.

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