Dare To Be Different

It’s all fun and games until someone has to be rescued from the sewer at 9am Easter morning.Seriously. At 9am, Easter morning, San Francisco Fire Department had to rescue a man from the sewer.

It’s like he knew humiliation was the theme this month, and in order to provide me blog fodder, he “got lost” in the sewer on Easter morning.

A friend post that link on Facebook just after it happened and it’s left me with so many questions.

Why would someone want to explore the sewer under a major metropolitan city? Had he watched Ratatouille one too many times? Was he looking for Ninja Turtles? Who goes into the sewer and isn’t anal (heh) about making sure the remember the way out? And for the love of all that is ironic, who does this first thing Easter morning?

The only thing I can think is that he was there under orders from his Mistress.

Sometimes people crave public humiliation a little more intense then subtly wearing panties under their suit, or a light lip gloss while shopping. They are the bungee jumpers of public humiliation and they need to take things ever further to get the same thrill.

At first it’s receiving a golden shower, then a group golden shower and eventually they are drinking their Mistresses golden nectar from their sports bottle while walking her dog. Not everyone who has fantasies of public humiliation escalate like this, but some do leaving the Mistress to find more and more creative ways to humiliate her submissive.

And yes, golden showers and golden nectar are pee. Urine if you will. Usually the Mistresses or Masters urine, but not always. Sometimes there’s a little extra humiliation to be had in knowing that you are drinking a strangers pee.

This isn’t just a random weird observation by the weird that is me. Being a professional dominatrix means providing a safe place to explore extreme fantasies. I would regularly have clients hire me to explore fantasies that required the creativity of a professional to find safe, sane, consensual ways to enact fantasies like….you guessed it, getting trapped in the sewer. Or in the porta-potty at a sorority girl camping trip.

The Easter morning part was just a hilarious bonus. I could hear my creative writing coach in the background.

He was trapped.

“Give them more details!”

He was trapped in the sewer?

“I need even more details!”

He was trapped in the sewer on Easter morning?


But I digress.

When a sub craves public humiliation that isn’t safe, sane or consensual professionals use role-play and guest appearances to work through the fantasy. Once, an office was rented for an entire month in order for a submissive to feel the burning humiliation of a secretary catching him with porn and forcing him to enact the role of the woman in the pornography in question in front of the other secretaries. In addition to the office rental, the entire scene took two months to plan and three people were invited to join in the festivities.

In 45 minutes it was over.

As we were walking out, I couldn’t help but think that he HAD to be disappointing. There was just no way all the expenses and our role-playing skills could have lived up to his longstanding masturbatory reverie. Instead he immediately started planning ways to tweak the game for our next adventure.

The next adventure involved a visit to the local butcher. I’ll save that one for next time.

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  1. Sam 9 months ago

    That’s a lot of work for 45 minutes, but if it fulfills a fantasy you’ve been harboring for years and you have the means to do so, I get it.

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