Debauchery Retreats in Portland Oregon

Long before I moved to Portland Oregon, I would come to recharge here. It was the only place in the world that I know that offers the perfect balance of hippie¬†kumbaya (lots of hiking, drinking kombucha, yoga studio on ever other corner and we will lacto-ferment just about anything) and out right debauchery (strip club on every corner that doesn’t have a yoga studio and we will add alcohol to just about anything.)

Plus. The food, from the corner food truck to the fancy places? Unapologetically decadent.

That’s why Portland makes the perfect destination for a debaucherous retreat. Start your day with yoga or a hike out to Multnomah Falls. Brunch like royalty. Shop for books in Powell’s the largest independent books store in the world. Visit Guardian Games, a 10,000 square foot WOMEN OWNED gaming palace if you are nerdy. Go shopping in our plethora of adorable boutiques.

Perhaps a little shopping at She Bop, our local female friendly sex toy boutique, or Spartacus, our local leather shop, where I can be your personal shopping assistant helping you chose just the right new toy.

Want something a little more daring? Let’s go zip lining in the tree tops at Tree to Tree Adventure Park!

Want something a little more Portlandia? Let’s go do yoga with the chickens, horses and goats at Farm Yoga!

In the evening, we can get dinner and drinks before heading out strip club hopping. Strip clubs in Portland are plentiful and very woman friendly. No hustle, just lots of cocktails and tasty snacks while you watch beautiful women earn a living while defying gravity. And each has it’s own theme, so let me know what you are looking for in a strip club experience and I’ll find you the right fit!

Also. Recreational cannabis is legal here.

Contact me about putting a custom retreat together for you and your girlfriends! We can talk about what what you are looking to explore, in yourself, as well as in the city of Portland. What kind of food, strippers or cocktails are you looking for? How do you want to feel at the end of this trip?

Once I know your needs, I can also help you find the perfect accommodations for your group. I love working with women to design the perfect retreat to celebrate impending weddings, birthdays, retirements or Just Fucking Because.

Let me be your guide, to exploring Portland, to exploring yourself and to finding all adventure we can handle.