Sexual Adventure Bucket List!

Sexual Adventure Bucket List
Sexual Adventure Bucket List

Autocorrect keeps trying to update that to Sexual Adventure Bucket Lust. It’s not wrong.

This past week I took a group of sexual adventurers on a Strip Club and Nacho tour of Portland. I am obsessed with eating nachos in strip clubs, and was thrilled that there were so many other brave souls who were interested in joining me.

Many of the people who joined (a majority of which were women) had never been to a strip club, and were happy to have an approachable way to dive in and learn about them. Then there were many, MANY people who I spoke to later, that wanted to join, but couldn’t for whatever reason, from nerves, to other obligations.

What is on your sexual adventure bucket list? What is holding you back? Is it nerves? Or is it really other obligations? Are you waiting to lose some weight, or be in better shape, or for your life to be in a better/different/more organized space? Do you really need those things before you move forward? Or are they just excuses? Or perhaps you aren’t even sure what would be possible.

Share something from your sexual adventure bucket list in the comments. What is holding you back? What small steps can you take to make it a reality?

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