#KinkWithMona recap: Sexual Adventure

Empowerment Through Sexual Adventure
Empowerment Through Sexual Adventure

These O.school recaps are provided by Castaway. Castaway is a trivia dork, dabbler in erotica writing, & all around bon vivant. Oh, and he’s also My blog bitch and aspiring service slut. Originally posted in the #KinkWithMona fetlife group.

Hello everyone – castaway is back with a recap of the most recent broadcast of #KinkWithMona, which streams every Monday at 9PM EST @ o.School.

As per usual we kick off with the list of the chatters: Eva, Kontrol Freak, lc, Margaret, MeKy, Notta Wallflower, oJustin, & castaway

This was the first #KinkWithMona episode of July, and Ms. Mona continued her #SummerSchool semester in fine form. This week’s topic focused on Empowerment Through Sexual Adventure. Ms. Mona kicked off the discussion as she is often wont to do, by opening with some general related questions to get us underway:

  • What is kink?
  • What drives people with regard to their kinks?
  • Why do people seek out sexual adventure, particularly in the instances where they may find themselves in situations that make them uncomfortable?

Ms. Mona said that she was inspired to do this topic by a recent jaunt of hers with some girlfriends, leading an (inaugural?) Nacho & Strip club tour. (editor’s note – That’s our hostess, contributing to the citywide effort to “Keep Portland Weird” since circa 2014.) Btw, if you are interested in additional details from that excursion, you can subscribe to her newsletter here.

Jumping off of the “sex & kink adventure” topic, the chatters were inspired to reflect on what types of activities would make up his or her kink “bucket list”. Ms. Mona loved that concept and I believe will be blogging about it in the near future. Once that post has been published, chatters and readers will be invited to share any details about those aforementioned bucket list items.

As I reviewed my notes to this episode, there was not as much tomfoolery as in other #KinkWithMona installments, so this recap will be light on the bonus segments. However, as always I do have a Song of the Week. Always a great time to catch up with this old chestnut.

Oh, and I do have a promo to share – Ms. Mona recently appeared as a guest on “The Business of Pleasure” podcast, hosted by Bedroom Kandi. You can listened to her interview here.

The next episode of #KinkWithMona will air Monday night @ 9PM EST on July 9th. The topic will be Prostate Massage. Ms. Mona will likely not be surprised to learn that just writing this paragraph has elicited a few involuntary squeezes in the right places. Hope to see everyone there over at o.School.

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