#KinkWithMona Recap: Desire


Understanding and excepting your desires can be life-changing. Understanding and excepting your partners desires can lead to mind blowing sex. And desire is much more complicated then you would think.

#KinkWithMona Recap: BDSM 101

Sexy Bookworm

Despite the internet being full of kinky things, it can sometimes be very difficult to figure out which is good advice, and what is bullshit.

#KinkWithMona Recap: Distance Play

Curious about upping your sexting game and including a little kink? Are you curious as to how to stay safe, while sending your most intimate thoughts, and maybe a few belfies to strangers?

#KinkWithMona Recap: Dominant/Submissive Contracts

Dominant:Submissive Contracts

Sexy submissive contracts aren’t just for the hard core kinksters! Even those new to BDSM can explore using contracts for an afternoon or weekend. AND the act of creating the contract is a powerful bonding and communication tool.

#KinkWithMona Recap: Bondage!

Body Harness Demo

Why would someone be into bondage? How can I get my partner to let me tie them up? How can you make sure you are safe? What can you use for bondage?