My Husband Struggles to Climax During Vaginal Intercourse

Dear Ms Mona Darling, What do you think of this advice? A couple trying to conceive is having problems, because the husband struggles to climax during vaginal intercourse. The advice columnist says that perhaps the woman’s blow jobs and hand jobs are so good her husband prefers them to her vagina. Or perhaps the man has some childhood trauma that makes him not want to father a child. Then the columnist tells the woman how to do the emotional labor to get passed the mans defensive behavior in order to ascertain which sensations he prefers. I feel like this puts too much responsibility on the woman and not enough importance on communication. I’m curious as to what you think. signed …

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I found kinky porn on my husbands computer.

Dear Ms Mona Darling, Yesterday I borrowed my husbands computer and found porn on it. Not just porn, but kinky porn – guys tied up and being whipped by a woman in black with sporting a large penis! I know my husband looks at porn. That’s not the problem. I just had no idea he looked at this type of porn, and I don’t know how to feel about it. I think some of it is kinda, gross. I thought I knew everything about him. This makes me wonder what else he’s hiding from me. signed – confused Dear confused, There is a societal stigma around kink, so an interest in kink can be very difficult to bring up, even …

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Why Am I Sad After Kinky Sex?

Why Am I Sad After Kinky Sex?

Dear Ms Mona Darling, We did it! We got a babysitter and rented a hotel room and had the hottest naughty time yesterday!  We ****** and ***** and he **** me for the first time. It was AMAZING! Yesterday I was on cloud nine, my feet not even touching the floor,  I was so… happy! Today I can barely move I’m so, I don’t know. Depressed? I don’t think it’s guilt or shame, but maybe a little bit of both? It happened once before after we played, but not this bad. Is this normal? signed – sadness Dear sadness, Sounds like a wild time! I’m so sorry you feel down now! While there are several reasons to feel sad after …

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How Do I Explore Kink?

How Do I Explore Kink?

Dear Ms Mona Darling, I want to start exploring kink, but I don’t know where to begin. I mean. I know what I’m curious about, but I can’t help but feel there is more. How do I explore without heading out to some club with the kids or surfing the web, where truthfully, most of the stuff I’m finding doesn’t interest me, and some of it is a little scary.  Plus, there is so much of it and I don’t really know what terms to use to look and not end up staring at some woman’s genitals. signed – curious Dear curious, There are indeed, a lot of women’s genitals on the internet and if that’s not your thing, it …

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It’s Time.

I BELIEVE… it’s time to start a revolution. I WANT TO LIVE IN A WORLD WHERE… we stop battling main stream media about their portrayal of women and raise daughters with high self esteem and sons who appreciate them. I want to take the power away from main stream media and let the world know that we, as women, can make our own definition of beauty and believe it. I want to live in a world where all women know they are beautiful, be they plus size or petite, tall or short, blonde or brunette, busty or not; that celebrating yourself is empowering, and beautiful. I want to live in a world where different body types, looks, ideas and talents are admired and respected. …

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