Sexy Role-Play Tips!

Sexy Role-Play Tips!

I love role-play. It combines some of my favorite things. Costumes, silliness and sex. Last night on Kinky Conversations With Mistress Mona I talked about ways to bring role-play into your sex life.

Many people say that they love role-play, but they are too nervous to do it, or don’t know where to start.

Don’t worry about being believable.

No one is expecting to win an academy award. No one is expecting anything more then to get laid. Chanel your child-like creativity and run with it. Use a silly accent. Pretend you don’t speak English. And always. Laugh with. Not at. 

Don’t worry about keeping up the charade the entire time.

If you are enjoying your post orgasm glow, and still in your full on Wonder Woman persona – great! But think of role-play as flirtation. It’s a fun way to start your sex play. It doesn’t need to continue through out. It can of course! But when you are just starting out, be happy to get four lines in! You will get better as you practice.

Do start someplace new.

Not even I, an award winning (at least that’s what my clients told me!) role-player can switch gears from “Did you pick up milk at the store?” to “Ah ha! A Pirate Wench!” without a change in scenery. Plan things out in advance and start from the moment you see your partner. Meet in a bar, at the park, or rent a hotel room.

Do try costumes and props!

Putting on a costume or picking up a prop will help set the mood. Even a simple wig, or pirate cutlass will help you get into the headspace. Even if you ditch them soon after you begin, they will help you get started. Also, shopping together at the costume shop may spark fun role-play ideas.

Do you enjoy role-play? Do you do it? If not – why? Do you have other concerns? Also! Informal poll! What is your favorite type of role-play? Puppy? Pony? Boss/Secretary? Blackmail? Pirate? Ninja? Alien abduction? Kidnapping? Nurse?


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