Sometimes, rather than seek out adventure, it’s nice to have it come to you. Enter subscription boxes where companies send you a surprise package every month or quarter. Disclaimer; this is NOT a sponsored post, I just LOVE that so many ladyprenuers are starting subscription boxes and as my goal for 2017 is to support as many ladyprenuers as possible, AND to help women find adventure, so this just seemed a natural match!

I am a huge fan of having the occasional gift show up on my door step. It’s something I became accustomed to as a professional dominatrix and one of the things I miss most about working in the dungeon full-time. The fabulous presents. I’ve never hit it off with Stitch Fix, or any of the other clothing subscriptions, and if I ever sign up for another  make-up or beauty product sample box my husband may end me. Second disclaimer:  I’m typing this post perched atop several thousand samples of products I will probably never use thank you very much Birchbox/Ipsy/Sephora.

Not that I won’t sign up for another beauty product box again soon, because Yay! Lip gloss! Also, my husband is so adorable when he gives me the side eye.

But as much as I would love another lip gloss for the bottom of my purse, realistically, I would get more use from a Nerdy Knitting Subscription Box from Lady Perl. She has yarn colors based on Firefly characters which is combining two of my greatest loves in a way I didn’t even know was possible.

Speaking of nerdy girls, how about a dirty book and a sex toy from Bawdy Bookworms. Every quarter you can have a themed box including a steamy novel and a little something-something delivered to you for your private lady-time enjoyment. There is also a very active private book club on Facebook in which to discuss the book as well as the toy.

Solace Club offers gift boxes and subscriptions for those going through grief or loss which everyone needs sooner or later. I heard they will be adding a box for pet loss eventually and I know I could have used that after my dog died last month. Solace Clubs mission is to change how people going through life transitions are supported.

Outlaw Soaps, soaps for outlaws made by outlaws delivered monthly. Bacon soap? Camp fire scented soap? Whiskey and coffee soap called the Hair of the Dog? Made my outlaws? Yes please!

Pasties of the month? Swoon!! *dies* *comes back to life to swoon again.* Pasties aren’t just for famous burlesque stars! They are sexy decadent fun for anyone looking to play in the bedroom…. or where ever you play!

Roost Crate for those of you, like me, who go to the farmers market and fawn all over the awesome and then get overwhelmed and don’t buy anything because you can’t narrow it down. They just send you a lil box of awesome every month.

The Kink Kult has a Kink Krate, that offers, you guessed it, a monthly box of kinky loot to enjoy in the privacy of your own home. Rawr!

Are you a fan of the beard? Because if you are, this is the box for you. The founder started The Beard Guy Box husband refused to grow his beard out because it was too itchy. So she studied up on beard care and is sharing her knowledge with the world.

Need a little more corn in your life? How about Kettle Korn? The Auto POP club is here to help! And who doesn’t need more popcorn in their life?

Royal Mermaid offers a subscription box of her small batch, hand-made, all natural and organic skin and body care items. I love all those words! Should I every join another beauty product subscription box, it will be this one.

Happy Hoo Hoo offers a month box of love for your lady bits as well as a community to talk about vaginal  health.

Finally, white people trying to be better allies should check out the Safety Pin Box. From their website:

Safety Pin Box is a monthly subscription box for white people striving to be allies in the fight for Black Liberation. Box memberships are a way to not only financially support Black femme freedom fighters, but also complete measurable tasks in the fight against white supremacy.

Now it’s time to get shopping! Mistress demands it!


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